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The sphere is a set of activities united by similar goals and objectives. Choose & create essential spheres of your life to distribute daily tasks and regulate which spheres are in need of your attention.

What is a sphere?

You couldn’t delete the last sphere because thus you wouldn’t see your progress. Plus, you wouldn’t be able to group your daily tasks by their objectives.

Why the last sphere couldn’t be deleted?

Routine is a set of actions you want to do every day. It helps you to build healthy habits and organize your day.

What is a routine?

Create a routine with actions. It’ll appear on the home screen. Tap on the button with your routine name to start focus.

How to start routine focus?

Routine action is a segment of your routine. By accomplishing tiny actions every day you'll develop your desired habits. Each complete routine action is a step towards your well balanced life with healthy habits!

What is a routine action?

Add an action with “+“ on the routine details screen or during routine creation. Choose a title, color, and duration. You can also select one of the actions from our recommendations.

How to create a custom action?

Our ultimate goal is your improvement. That’s why there are only two choices available: “done” for complete action and “skip” if an unexpected situation happens.

Why the routine action couldn’t be marked as «not done»?

There are three sizes of tasks available in the app. The task with S size lasts 15 min, the task with M size – 30 min, the task with L size – 60 min.

How to determine the size of the task?

Pick a date and tap the ”+” button to create a new task in the calendar section. You could also specify the date of your task in the task edit screen. Just tap on the calendar icon.

How to create a task on a certain date?

Create a task. Tap on the circle at the top right on the home screen and the focus starts.

How to start focus on current tasks?

You could choose a time when the Balanceo app will remind you to make a plan for the next day.

What’s the notification in the settings section?

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